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Orange Theory

Media Plan

Orange Theory_edited.jpg

The Assignment

Build a research backed media plan for Orange Theory in 2021 with a budget of $10,000,000. 

My Role

On my team, I was tasked with competitor  research as well as development of the media plan. I took a deeper look into the advertising campaigns of Peloton and Equinox as well as allocated every penny of our budget. 

Orange Theory Ad.png

The Findings & Strategy

One insight that we discovered in our research phase was that most of Orange Theory's target demographic was hesitant to try Orange Theory because of the price. With this in mind, we decided to dedicate the majority of our budget to cheap digital campaigns that would allow us to boast promotions during the peak workout months. We would allocate the rest of the budget to retargeting and bigger TV and Radio spots to boost awareness.

The Results

  • Built a full fledged Media Plan for each week of Orange Theory's 2021 year

  • With a heavy focus on social, our budget of  $10,000,000 of ad spend would generate over 2 billion impressions in the year

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