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Google Channel Sales

Product Marketing Intern

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The Ask

Develop a tool to help Google Sales Reps explain the benefits of pairing the use of Google Ads with Google My Business for SMBs. 

The Why

Google's Channel Sales Sector recognized that thousands of their partners' clients were only utilizing one Google Product. By creating a tool that could educate small businesses on the benefits on the benefits of combining the use of Google Ads and GMB, small businesses would generate cheaper results and Google would generate more revenue. 

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The Internship

At Google's Redwood City Campus, I spent countless hours meeting with product, sales, and marketing teams discovering the many benefits of pairing Google Ads with Google My Business for SMBs. With this knowledge and hundreds of statistics to back my findings, I developed a pitch deck for our Channel Partners to present to their SMB clients to help them adopt multiple Google Products into their marketing strategies. I lastly hosted and created several video trainings so that the pitch deck could be implemented successfully into the sales routines of hundreds of Google's Partners. 

The Results

  • Created and implemented the first pitch deck to up sale Small Businesses to utilize multiple Google Products

  • Trained over 500 Google Partners how to present the deck to both new and existing clients

  • Pitched and shown to tens thousands of Small Businesses, who have been converted to using multiple Google Products

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