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Blue Raven Solar

Digital Marketing Manager

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The Ask

Manage all in house paid media channels (Facebook, Google, Next-door) increasing spend while maintaining and decreasing cost per lead. 

The Why

With my first year of creating successful in house campaigns on record, Blue Raven Solar sought to scale the channel because of the quality, price, and exclusivity of the leads. 

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The Job

Manage a team of three with a budget of $40,000 ad spend per week in researching new platforms, developing eye-catching creative, advancing brand image & recognition, creating new campaigns, and most importantly generating high-quality and cost effective leads. 

The Results

  • Eclipsed over $1,000,000 spend across Facebook and Google with a 500% ROI

  • Generated over 7,000 leads with 1,400 scheduled appointments growing the channel output from 1.35% to 8.3%

  • Created a new channel in order to expand our advertising campaigns outside of Blue Raven Solar's existing territories, turning a profit and allowing us to scale nationally

  • Gained valuable leadership and team management experience 

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