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Snap Into It Campaign

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The Assignment

In this year's 2021 Effie Collegiate Brand Competition, college students around the nation were tasked with creating a holiday campaign for Bose to help lift sales amongst Generation Z.


My Role 

On my team, I acted as account strategist utilizing research, sales reports, and market analytics to find insights that could be the foundation of Bose's Holiday Campaign. 

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The Findings

Through hours of research, we discovered that Bose had an incredible opportunity to utilize their new gaming headset to increase sales to Generation Z. With over 68% of Gen Z males claiming that gaming is an important part of their identity, we knew we had found our insight. Although Bose is far behind the competition, they are such established and high quality brand that one successful holiday campaign could get them into minds of the rising generation! We knew that Bose had to be different in order to win the hearts of Generation Z. 

The Results

We utilized Bose's new gaming products to connect with Gen Z Gamers creating the Snap Into It campaign.  Playing off of the products ability to snap from normal headphones into gaming headphones with the attachment of a mic, we emphasized how Bose's products allow gamers to immerse themselves into a world of gaming eliminating any outside distractions. With our hypothetical budget, we allocated the majority of our funds to getting the best gamers in the sport to sponsor our product as well as revamping the website to click more with our target audience. We did not win the competition, but we developed a cutting edge strategy that I fully back and stand by!

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