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Blue Raven Solar

Digital Marketing Specialist

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The Ask

Create the first successful in-house solar lead generation campaign through the paid social platforms of Google and Facebook.  

The Why

Blue Raven Solar has outsourced its lead generation to third party providers since its conception and has run several unsuccessful attempts at building in-house lead generation programs. The company continues to invest in this idea in hopes to generate cheaper, unshared, and more qualified solar leads.

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The Job

Initially, I came onto the team as a marketing strategy intern, where I built the plan for Blue Raven Solar's latest lead generation program. After several successful test campaigns, I was promoted to digital marketing specialist and was able to scale the program to spend around $25,000 a week, while managing all content and campaign creation.

The Results

  • Generated over $1,000,000 in revenue across Facebook and Google with a 500% ROI

  • Produced over 3,000 leads and 600 appointments

  • Created a new brand called Shop Renewable Energy in order to expand our markets and test non-branded ads 

  • Surpassed lead generation goals while remaining under budget for cost per appointment

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