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About Me.

From a young age, I've loved story telling. Whether for a school project, home video, or side gig, I've learned the ins and outs of captivating an audience. As I have transitioned from a student to a professional, I have learned to capitalize on this skill in the ever growing industry of lead generation. My favorite part of the industry is understanding how and why a lead turned into a sale. I believe that being able to dissect lead's journey down the funnel is far more impactful than initially generating a huge amount of numbers. Throughout my time at BYU, Google, and Blue Raven Solar, I've helped dozens of business and business owners learn how to develop a strong lead generation program. My mind is fixated on using new creative content, platforms, and audiences to acquire as many quality leads as possible in this technology driven world. All in all, if you need help with lead gen I am the guy to talk to!



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